Friday, 17 May 2013

End of Start

I've been thinking about what to plan for my own workshop, however my own mental health means that I feel unable to actually deliver it to a group. If I were to present it to a group I decided I'd like to do a comics workshop as I thought it can be simple and relatable as most people will have a read a comic strip at some point. It also relates to my own practice of illustration.

Having finished my six weeks at Start I really feel like I wish I could redo the placement again when I was feeling more stable. I have not performed half as well as I would have wanted or planned and I feel it has been an unfortunate waste of an opportunity by coming along at a time when I was having a relapse of OCD and depression. However, I would still like to give teaching another go at some point in the future, probably in a school.

I have also recently applied to other voluntary positions including signing up for training to work on the Rape Crisis helplines (after completing a training course).

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