Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Unit X Fourth Week Summary

So far on Unit X we've encountered diverse workshops from lots of different organisations, explored various materials and approaches for engagement e.g. sewing, plastic bags, drawing, narrative, building, origami, sweet building, recycling.
We have also dealt with both working individually or in a group.I mostly find working individually easier than in a group but often get stuck in a rut / think myself to death. Group work can be useful in breaking this cycle or problem. I realise group work can be very useful in producing lots of ideas in a short space of time and combining ideas together. It also creates a more objective approach. I think this mostly depends on the people I am working with and the project or type of project I am working on. 
I have also been thinking about how I could use my own practice in planning and providing workshops, for example by utilizing drawing and storytelling. The materials for this would be fairly simple such as just pens, pencils and paper but could also involve markmaking with other implements such as charcoal, paint or ink. I have also been thinking about possibly running a basic comic strip workshop as it would be fairly simple to teach and I feel it could be highly engaging.

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