Saturday, 20 April 2013

Unit X Second Week

The week began with Kirsteen’s workshop where we worked in groups and came up with preliminary ideas for workshops we could run for potential clients. We started the session by discussing in our groups what each of us would potentially like to base a workshop on and which groups of people we would like to cater our workshops for. I told the group that I'd been thinking about working in mental health for a while, I've also been wanting to do some work with women, for example at shelters or volunteering at a Rape Crisis centre. I am also interested in holistic approaches to care. I feel I would be good in these roles as I have personal, first-hand experience of these issues so could empathise with the women and people suffering mental ill health.

After this discussion we were then given a selection of images without any explanation to them and asked to produce ideas for a workshop based on these images. This was designed to force us to think laterally and in new ways about how workshops can be run and what they can achieve.

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