Friday, 26 April 2013

Unit X Third Week

My girlfriend is a youth worker at the Joyce Leyland LGBT centre and so I spent one afternoon session observing the group that she helps to run. I worked for a while with one of the quieter members of the group which at first I found intimidating as I’m really shy myself, but once I got chatting it became easier. The Joyce Leyland centre has been open opposite MMUnion for around thirty years and is run mostly by part time staff and volunteers.I feel the work they do at the centre is of massive importance as it provides a safe space for the young people to express themselves, get support and make new friends. 

I also attended an afternoon of workshops Lynn ran on objects and their narratives. This was based in creative storytelling and thinking about the history, relevance and value of objects. I found this workshop very helpful as storytelling is something I'm not naturally good at but is very important to my own practice as an illustrator.


Unfortunately I missed the induction to the Start facilities because of a relapse of my own mental health issues but am aware that I’m going to be participating in the Visual Arts sessions and have made plans for ways to get around the issues I had with getting to the venue for next week.
I also reclaimed and started using my studio space within the main Interactive Arts studio to catch up with my individual practice this week. I have decided to have a break from doing illustration which I was beginning to find frustrating and unenjoyable and have instead decided to experiment with costume design.

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